Excerpt of «Designing for Privacy and its Legal Framework»


  • Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux




Technical and economic advances have led to the digitalization of our environment. Whether collected from smartphones, smart household devices, or wearable health trackers, data is automatically processed and used to provide us with multiple services throughout the day. While the benefits of such technologies for individual users — as well as society at large — are undisputed, the resulting transformed environment triggers concerns vis-à-vis informational privacy and the loss thereof. These privacy and data protection challenges must be addressed. As privacy protects different and evolving interests, research in this field is a complex undertaking. To do justice to the complex and interdisciplinary nature of privacy and data protection, the topic at hand has to be approached from multiple perspectives. The book «Designing for Privacy and Its Legal Framework» focuses on how the law and technical tools, acting together, can enhance the protection of privacy and data in an Internet of Things environment. In doing so, we provide concrete insights into how to implement the concept of privacy by design.






Informationsrecht | droit de l'information | diritto dell'informazione | information law